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The $1,200 Press Release

For the first half of my career, I was a strictly a science writer for academia. Places like the University of Pennsylvania and Fox Chase Cancer Center. I wrote hundreds of science, engineering, and medicine press releases — and I really miss it. There are few things I enjoy more than trying to decipher an academic article for translation into plain English. No. Really. You can find some examples here.

I do not get to do that sort of work for my clients all that often, so I decided to offer a new service: I’ll write your press release or brief summary article (1,000 words or less) for $1,200. That is about what I charged 15 years ago for freelance clients, so I believe that is competitive all-in-one pricing. I’ll charge less for 750 words and more for 500 words (it takes time to be brief AND clear).

All I need from you is a copy of the article to be published, a half hour to interview your PI, and a deadline. What I’ll deliver is a plain English press release or summary article, with clever quotes and suggestions for pitching. Bad puns can be delivered separately, as required.

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