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Consulting Services

I have two decades of experience in writing about science, medicine and engineering with passion and humor. I also picked up a some experience in effective communications along the way. Contact me if you need a good writer and some help in making your communications goals a reality.

Content and Public Relations

Whether you don’t have an in-house comms team or can’t keep up with demand, I can support your needs, witj a quick blog update or a full media release package.

Thought Leadership: Articles, Whitepapers and Ebooks

Allow me to help your in-house experts attract some attention in their field or your marketplace. I can work with your expert to produce materials that make a difference while making your clients happy.

Thought Leadership: Presentation Training

Are you a university scientist preparing to discuss your work with potential donors? Are you a corporate researcher who needs to get the message across to non-technical colleagues? It is difficult to break through stovepipes, silos or whatever compartmentalized spaces you find yourself.

I will work with you to develop messages that you can use to tell your complex story for audiences of all technical levels.

Media Training

A good pitch or press release is only half the battle. How prepared is your scientist or subject matter expert to get their message across to the media.

I can work with you or your expert to better understand simple strategies for successful interviews. From crisis communications to expert analysis, I can help prepare your expert for almost any eventuality.

From speechwriting and presentation planning, I can help your entire executive team employ effective communications tactics that add a little polish to events for internal and external audiences

Strategic Communications Planning

Whether you need help to develop more effective internal communications or you’re looking to strengthen your external brand, I can help you build and implement your communications campaigns. I have helped research institutes find the right tone with donors. I have helped companies position their technologies in the marketplace. I can probably help you with your comms strategies, too.