Monday, December 20th, 2010

List of things I need to do over winter break UPDATED

It begins with Christmas Eve and ends the day after the day after New Year’s. In between, there will be a trip to Goodwill…hopefully to drop off…

I think this is better than some vague resolution, here is a set of accomplishable goals for the winter break:

UPDATE: Hit or miss all around

Caulk the tub and fixtures
Tighten the faucet
Touch up the scratchmarks on the #$*@*@ IKEA sink.

UPDATE: didn’t really get to it, but I will caulk and tighten this weekend, I swear. My, that sounds dirty.

Exorcise the closet and dressers of lingering ghosts of years past
Maybe go to #$*@*@ IKEA to get a little bookcase.

UPDATE: Success! I exorcised the HELL out of that closet. Goodwill dump of epic proportions.

Living room/dining room/ kids’ bedroom:

Find a “Storage Solution” for the kids’ crappe

UPDATE: Partial success! Some more storage bins, and a purge of unused baby toys, seemed to have made a difference.

Purge cables
Scan kids’ artwork, photos, etc.
Get a #$*@*@ IKEA rug to replace my wife’s coffee-stained horror of an office rug.
Make the pilfered laptop kid-friendly, i.e., find some free XP software for the kiddies, and (dare I say it) lose the Bondi Blue iMac.

UPDATE: Well, we cleaned the office.

Purge, Purge, Purge. They’ll need to make an after-school special about me to warn kids off…

UPDATE: Qualified success! Another trip to Goodwill.


Scrub those cabinets and that #$*@*@ floor…maybe look into a new floor…to be done by someone else.

UPDATE: Everything cleaned, but that never lasts…