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New to Me in 2018: Camera Thief

So, I get to cheat a little with this one. Joe Duffey and his brother Brendan aren’t new to me. I see them all the time all over town. Joe saved my [soccer] life this year as we started up a new U11 travel team. Joe’s music isn’t all that new to me either, as his previous band, Underwater Window Garden, released a fantastic album a few years back entitled The Greatly Divided, which you should buy.

Joe is a great guy, and I’d be a fan of him whether or not he played in band. As it is, his new band Camera Thief crushed it at the local arts fest this year. They’re working on a new album, but its increasingly looking like it won’t happen in 2018. Fortunately, they’re on SoundCloud with a handful of songs now.

This one, Starting Fires, legitimately gives me chills:

I love this video because a) public domain Superman from Fleischer studios,  b) it is a good tune and, c) Joe did the editing himself. See for yourself:

Jenkintown, an in-depth history and sightseeing guide

I live in Jenkintown, Pa., a postage-stamp of a borough in the northwestern suburbs of Philly, nestled between the loving inattention of Abington and Cheltenham townships. Below is my attempt to tell you all you need to know if you feel like touring. I’ll update this post when the fancy strikes. Admittedly, this first draft was written the day before I learned I had pneumonia. Consider it accordingly.
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Wall art that’s Superfreaky in Cold-Blooded way…

I don’t know which of Jenkintown’s many framing stores is leaving, but they are selling off some of their old stock on Craigslist including a sweet Rick James record/cover combo.

Jenkintown doesn’t need another vacant store, but I’ve always wondered why we needed so many frame shops.

Jenkintown Drama, 100 years ago

There are many reasons we like living in Jenkintown — good schools, easy train ride into town, strange people — so here’s a little glimpse into the sort of drama that always seems to be percolating everywhere. This time, Jenkintown, 1910, by way of the local, local newspaper conglomerate:

Senator’s Daughter Found – Mrs. Hallowell Irwin, daughter of the late Senator Thomas B. Harper, who mysteriously disappeared from her home in Jenkintown, several weeks ago, was found in a hotel in New York and brought back to home at Jenkintown on Saturday. Although no reason is ascribed for Mrs. Irwin’s absence, which kept her relatives worried for some time, it is believed that she became despondent immediately after her father’s death and wandered away.

Two sentences, but a whole world of mystery.

Also, unrelated but in the same article:

Boy Dies of Lockjaw – Valek Dranaka, aged 17 years, of Bridgeport, died on Saturday in the Norristown Hospital of lockjaw, which developed from blood poisoning, following a wound on the leg near the ankle, the result of having been struck with the iron point of a bobbin while at work in Loes’ mill, Bridgeport.

Just a reminder that life was harder, death more frequent. This young boy, who should have been in high school, but was working in a mill, killed because his nicked ankle became infected. Think about that the next time you hear someone cranking on about modern medicine.

Puppy Season is Open in Jenkintown

You may have noticed that Puppies of Jenkintown has been on hiatus since the fall, but May 2nd marked, along with Julia’s 5th birthday, the official opening of Puppy Season. (We were going to have a Reindeer of Jenkintown series — Julia’s idea — but the evenings of this past December evenings were just too bitter for a Nice Walk.)

Why did we wait so long into spring to start it up again? Julia’s first camera, a pink “Insignia” brand 5 megapixel thingy, broke. I’m fairly certain her mother dropped it.

However, Julia’s Grammy, supplier of the original camera, underwrote the purchase of a new camera (I picked it up on Woot!), a sleek, turquoise(ish) 10 megapixel number from Kodak. Our five year-old has a nicer camera than the family. It has more settings than I know what to do with, but it takes pictures quickly, which is a good thing when folks your mission is to interrupt people during their evening’s perambulations.

We spent Monday night scouring the Jenkintownside looking for dogs to little luck until we found Roxie (below, click to embiggen) and her family marching up Walnut Street. (We should just wait until they pass our house, that’s usually when we see them, but what’s the fun in that?) Benny was with us, which adds a bit of a wrinkle to the process, since I have to help Julia get the camera set while keeping Ben out of traffic or away from the dog.

I have no real notes on Roxie other than she’s a mutt and that she has a black tongue. But she’s our inaugural dog, snapped with the new camera, so we can’t complain. It took a few tries, but eventually Julia remembered to hold the button until the click and to keep her finger and camerastrap away from the lens. Nice job, sweetie.

We had better luck Wednesday, when we found two dogs right outside our house.

More to come.

All pictures courtesy of Julia R. Lester.

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