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Lad Catches Escapee from Bosch Painting

Sea Monster

Meet the Longnose Lancetfish via BoingBoing

Nasty Sponge Alive and Well in Asia

Thank goodness this is still alive.

I think I saw a birdbath like this in Providence. #cthulhuchic

I think I saw a birdbath like this in Providence. #cthulhuchic


Check out the video at the link above for further ickiness.

This post is mostly for me to test the category excluder plugin I just added to WordPress. This way, I can have my main post (thrice weekly is the goal) and pop these up whenever.

Whaleslaps: Why I Don’t Go In The Water

Here’s a good reason not to go ON the water–whaleslaps! (Via IFLS)
Just another reminder that it is their ocean, not yours.


Why I Do Not Go in the Water: Hagfish Slime

The Pacific hagfish (Slimius godnowayii)

Really cool story on National Geographic by a really cool writer I’m following on twitter now Rachel Kaufman (@rkaufman).

I have trouble being on the same planet with these creatures, let alone go into the ocean with them.  As Rachel puts it:

Many people are disgusted by the hagfish. These squirmy, eel-looking creatures are known primarily for two repellent traits: eating dying animals from the inside out, and oozing four cups of slime in a fraction of a second.

By Crom’s holy indifference!

Recently, scientists at the University of Guelph published a study that delves into the amazing–and cringingly awful–properties hagfish slime. Apparently, the slime is full of these long (6 inches!) sticky protein threads, which are good for clogging up a predator’s gills and happen to be as light and strong as spider silk.

If, as Rachel posits, this thread could one day lead to clothing, I would cry. A lot.

This is Cronenberg-level body horror at its worse. Cools story, though.

Why I Do Not Go in the Water: Cuttlefish edition

WIRED highlighted this little reason not to go into the water. Don’t stare at the hypnofish and do not partake of its flesh. Its poisonous. Also, it doesn’t cuttle and its not a fish. The whole thing is based on lies and deception.


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