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Man, was Picard terrible or what?

I mean, what’s up with the copy-and-paste fleet? I understand, from the Internet, that they delayed some of the VFX because of COVID-19, but why not just delay it another week so you have something that isn’t terrible. Especially since folks were going to be getting free access. Build up the suspense a little! People would understand that COVID-19 is a thing. You could have filmed a quick isolation video with Patrick Stewart telling people to stay home and how to protect themselves and others. It would have been charming, Internet gold. Ugh.

What about Commodore Oh!

Was she the worst, or what? Prepare to fire!!!!
Prepare some more!
Now aim over there!
Prepare some more at aiming over there!
Now aim back at the first thing!
Prepare to fire at the first thing again!
OH NOES, Riker used Diplomacy and it was Very Effective

I read a book

I’ve been reading a lot of short stories lately, I think I’ll note them out individually.