177 feet and falling fast

The Falcon Heavy Launch was big news last week. This shot of a booster landing gave me the first real sense of the size of the damn thing, which is about 177 feet according to something I quickly looked up.

Our Puppy is Fat, but…

Need to see if Dearest Daughter would like to help make some.

A Real American Hero

Here’s another retelling of the G.I. Joe origin story, paying proper respect to Larry Hama.   I just happened to re-read the first fifty issues or so the other week, and they were as just as good as I remembered them.

Yes, the point was to sell toys. But Hama has a great mind for storytelling and realism.  I still have memories of reading issue #50 for the first time–the Battle of Springfield, which claimed YourTownUSA Springfield for Cobra long before the Simpsons moved in.

There was a scene where a Cobra family–career terrorist and his children–burn their documents and put down the family dog before boarding the airlift out. That haunted 10 year old me.