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Month: June 2017

WIDGITW: More on Orcas

We all know that orcas are clever. Just last week, we talked about the trouble they are giving fishermen in Alaska (sperm whales, too, which is just adorable).

They roam in packs, dress and black and cause trouble. They’re the 50s juvenile motorcycle gang members of the ocean. While I doubt this is new behavior, orcas have been pegged for killing great white sharks off the coast of South Africa, including this fifteen footer:

Shamu on the third step, give me back my liver…

According the article, they are apparently into shark liver, which tells you that even killer whales don’t go for that shark fin soup nonsense.

WIDGITW: Orca Gangs Run Wild

A report on how packs of orca are wreaking havoc on the Alaskan fishing industry. Bonus fun: Sperm whales have been getting in on the act:



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