Why I don’t go in the water, especially during the Late Miocene

You would think this is going to be a scary post about Megalodons a gigantic predatory, be-toothed demon of creature from 20 million years or so ago — the largest shark in history, in fact, about the length of a big tractor trailer (67 feet) — followed by some of my inane prattle about why the ocean frightens me so. And, judging by this picture, you’d probably be right. It’s very name means “big tooth” for criminy’s sake.

The baby teeth are still nothing to sneeze at

But this isn’t that story. No, this is a story about how these gigantic predatory, be-toothed demon creatures loved their babies.

Yes, gentle reader, scientists publishing in the Public Library of Science describe the discovery of Megalodon nurseries (awww!) where hatchling sharks were protected by their enormous mothers until they themselves were big enough to swallow an entire Grateful Dead cover band in one go (including their van, most likely). How sweet.

(via Everyone PLoS ONE’s community blog)