Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Puppies of Jenkintown Part VI: Ah, that’s where the camera was, edition

Yes, I admit, it has been a while since the last Puppies of Jenkintown entry, a full month in fact. I don’t want you, dear reader, to suspect that I haven’t been walking my daughter or I haven’t been allowing her to shoot puppies or, heaven forfend, we ran out of puppies. We haven’t, of course.

Why this very evening I went for a walk with Benny — just a block or so — and saw two entirely new pups. I didn’t tell Julia for fear of launching her into a snit, as she was already in a fragile, post-rainy day state of mind. We did manage to bring back the acorns freshly shook from a tree up the street by the earlier thunder boomer. Julia places them strategically around the yard for squirrels.


Um, where was I, oh yes, more puppies of Jenkintown. My point was that three things must come together toget some proper puppy shots: 1) puppies, 2) camera, 3) fresh batteries. Those three things don’t always coincide. However, here are some from the latest batch, including Grover, the hardest working dog in Jenkintown.

All photos by Julia Rose Lester

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