Everything you know about acupuncture is wrong

While I’m in the skeptical mood, a nice post from Steve Novella of the New England Skeptical Societ y Harriet Hall:

“Alternative” medicine is by definition medicine that has not been scientifically proven and has not been accepted into mainstream scientific medicine. The question I keep hearing is, “But what about acupuncture? It’s been proven to work, it’s supported by lots of good research, more and more doctors are using it, and insurance companies even pay for it.”

It’s time the acupuncture myth was punctured – preferably with an acupuncture needle. Almost everything you’ve heard about acupuncture is wrong.

And he she goes on to say why. Worth reading.

UPDATE: Bad, lazy Greg. Sorry Harriet. In my defense, Science-Based Medicine looks so much like Steve’s NeuroLogica Blog, that I forgot where I was. Same colors and template. That’s what I get for trying to post a few bits while on the morning coffee break.

Another UPDATE: You can read more about (and from) Harriet Hall from her own site, SkepDoc.

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