Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown

Last night, I caught You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown in which Linus wins the student body election despite his adherence to a controversial faith (Great Pumpkinism) only to find that he really doesn’t have any power. Charles M. Schultz, of course, using Peanuts to illustrate that America is actually controlled by a cabal of Reptiloid Illuminated Jesuit Scientologist or something. Or not, whatever, ol’ Chuck was an oddball.

I bring it up only to make two points:

1) When Linus was at the radio station talking to potential voters, a caller opens with “First time caller, long time listener,” which surprised me since I thought that phrase was a more recent creation.

2) Also, the show was on ABC. I miss this. That used to trigger a Pavlovian response in me as a tot.