Here you’ll find a sampling of videos I put together a few years ago.

Last fall we put together a micro-campaign of sorts in support of “Giving Tuesday” a grassroots effort in support of building a national spirit of philanthropy. My team and I worked with our postdoctoral fellows to raise money for their program, part of which was this video parody:

Cellular Senescence

Here’s the second installment in Wistar’s monthly Science Update series. Our host, Katherine Aird, was phenomenal.

Voices of Wistar: Hope

Ed Ryan, chair of Wistar’s Leadership Council shares his personal reasons for supporting Wistar. I like the idea behind this series. I’d prefer a better backdrop, so I hope nobody finds the doorstop behind his head distracting.

The Imagery of Science

This is an shortened version of a video that ran in Wistar’s auditorium during the opening of Wistar’s annual exhibition of the Nikon Small World competition winners.

The 40th Anniversary of The Wistar Institute’s NCI-designated Cancer Center

I’ve made videos in the past, but this is my first time really getting into Final Cut Pro. That’s me narrating, by the way.